Q. Who is / What does Xcelerate Insurance Recoveries Do?

A. Xcelerate Insurance Recoveries is a debt recovery agency. We specialise in insurance matters dealing with liability, repayment and monitoring of debts. We contact debtors, third party insurers and other third party representatives for our clients to recover costs caused by accidents.


Q. What debts do you recover?

A. Xcelerate recover a range of debts relating to insured and uninsured costs; such as motor vehicle repairs, salvage costs, property damage, malicious damage, rental default and loss of income/opportunity.


Q. I had an accident recently and received one of your letters, what should I do now?

A. Do you have insurance? If YES, contact your insurer or broker on your vehicle and lodge a claim. Please provide our details to your insurer and have them contact our office.
No, contact us to discuss the circumstances.


Q. I have a broker/solicitor who is dealing with this matter for me.

A. We can contact your broker/solicitor in relation to the matter if you are able to provide our office with their details. Alternatively you can have them contact us.


Q. My family member called up the other day and was advised that you need to speak with me.

A. Under the privacy regulation we are unable to discuss the matter with anyone else unless you provide authority for us to do so. You can do this simply by letting the operator know or providing written authority, such as a signed letter of authority.


Q. The accident happened almost a year ago, why are you contacting me now?

A. Our client is entitled to claim and recover the losses incurred as per the statute of limitations which can range from 3 to 6 years from the date of the accident.


Q. I lodged an insurance claim at the time of incident and now it’s closed/finalised/not available because you didn’t contact me earlier.

A. If you fulfilled your policy conditions at the time your claim was lodged then your insurer should be able to represent you. Please contact them to advise that you would like your claim reopened.


Q. I paid my excess to my insurer recently and have received your letter of demand.

A. If you have paid your excess and fulfilled your policy obligations, please contact your insurer and disregard our letter.


Q. Police said both parties should pay for their own damages. Why am I now at fault?

A. Insurance liability operates differently from police procedures. Xcelerate base our determination of liability in accordance to the relevant road rules and regulations as governed by the road authorities. Please contact your insurer or road authorities for more information.


Q. You’re not the other party’s insurer, why are you contacting me?

A. Xcelerate has been commissioned and authorised to handle the matter on behalf of our client and their insurer.


Q. Your client said sorry at the time?

A. Any verbal admission of liability at the scene of the incident is generally considered duress and therefore an invalid argument for liability.


Q. I’m changing my Address/Phone.

A. Please contact our office to update your contact details.


Q. I can’t afford a lump sum repayment right now.

A. We can discuss and negotiate a reasonable agreement, depending on your circumstance. We do not charge interest on our repayment agreements unless legal intervention is required.

Q. What are your payment options?

A. We offer a variety of payment options as follows:

  • Direct Debit: – Provide us with your bank account details and we can do the work for you, by withdrawing your payments direct from your account.

  • Direct Deposit:- Or Banking Transfer/Deposit, we can provide out bank account details and you can set up your payments at your local bank or via internet or phone banking.

  • Payway:- Like Billpay, we provide you a payment card with our details and you can pay at the post office or via Bpay.  (NB: Initial set up of the Payway card costs $2.75 and $1.00 for each Bpay over the internet or phone or $1.80 for post office payments.)

  • Westpac:- Take our bank account details to your nearest branch and make payments over the counter.

  • Cheque:- by post to PO Box 2036, Toowong QLD 4066


Q. I can’t make the next payment due to financial issues, what should I do?

A. Please contact our office prior the next repayment to discuss further.

Q. Don’t you have to provide 3 quotes to justify the costs you’re claiming?

A. Xcelerate act in accordance to the current industry standards and practices. Only one quote is necessary, as long as costs are mitigated. Our client’s costs are mitigated by having the quote for repair reviewed by a qualified assessor who will adjust the quote to industry standards. Assessors are trained in identifying and matching the damages to the incident description and know the costs as per the current market.


Q. You’re going to try and recover your commission rate from me.

A. Our commission rate is negotiated with our client and we only recover the costs incurred in regards to the loss caused by the accident.


Q. Why are you trying to recover the hire vehicle and income costs?

A. Our client has incurred additional costs as a results of the incident and as the at fault party they are entitled to claim and seek recovery for these costs.


Q. My insurer asked for my excess even though I’m not at fault.

A. Unfortunately you will need to contact your insurer to discuss your policy conditions and excess.